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Federal Employee Benefit Services provides the most updated information to assist Federal and Postal Service Employees understand the retirement process. 

Federal Employee Group Life Insurance (FEGLI)

FEGLI offers both great reward and great risk. Need Option B & C info, Cost of Coverage as you age info, etc... We provide specific guidance on FEGLI and how to maximize your benefit at minimum expense.


Expert advice on all of the factors that effect your pension, Minimum Retirement Age, Years of Service, Spousal Annuity, cost of FEGLI & FEHB in retirement, S.S. Special Supplements, military buy back, unpaid leave, sick leave and much more more.

Thrift Savings Plan (TSP)

Expert advice on contributions, asset allocation ie what funds are best for you according to your age and anticipated retirement date, catch up contributions, withdrawals, loans,  IRA rollovers, forms and more.

Services for CSRS & FERS Employees

Got Forms???

To select or change most benefits requires an Office of Personnel Management Form.

Call or email Federal Employee Benefit Services... we will send you the link or email you the form you need along with instructions on form completion. It's easy... and  It's FREE!!!
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