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"I had listened to my fellow USPS employees at the water cooler or took advise from my break room financial planner. My Pension and TSP were a mess. I did not realize how important it was to be in the right TSP funds. Federal Employee Benefit Services corrected everything. My TSP came back strong and I will be able to retire. Not Bad for a FERS Employee. Your service was a lifesaver. Sincerest thanks for your help."

P . Greenwald, USPS, East Meadow, NY
"Who knew that including my spouse on my retirement pension would cost me 10% per month for the rest of my life. Worse, if I die my wife gets 50% of my monthly pension check! I heard one of your advisors speak at my union meeting. I made an appointment. He explained everything to my wife and I. We made the necessary changes. I know exactly what my monthly income will be and he showed me how to get back that 10%!!! Thanks, you have a client or life."

E. Podel, VA Hospital, Miami, FL
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Louis R. Finberg,  ChFEBC, President

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"I wanted to retire from the Post Office after 32 years of service. When I got my blue book from Shared Services, I spent hours on the phone with them trying to figure out my TSP options, & FEHB, FEGLI choices. These decisions are very important and the forms are very confusing.

Then I contacted Federal Employee Benefit Services. They sent Benefit Analyst, Louis Finberg, to my home and Louis reviewed all of my information and helped me fill out all of the forms. Best of all, he made my TSP... Crash Proof.

He showed me how to get a 15% Bonus on my TSP Funds, interest 3 times higher than what I was getting at TSP and I can't lose money even if the stock market does!!!

And...Best of All... Federal Employee Benefit Services are FREE!!!... to...

Federal Employees

I honestly would have been lost without them. 

Thank you Louis Finberg and Federal Employee Benefit Services!"

S. Meyer, USPS, Telford PA